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Fun Friday - DIY

By 12:25 PM

This week I experimented with a fun DIY project that I'm super excited to share!

I have a fancy event to attend this evening and because I'm wearing a plain black dress, I wanted to jazz up my heels a little with some sparkle. Why not?

Here's how I achieved it!

Heels (obviously)
Modge podge glossy finish
Loose glitter (any color or texture works - I used a chunky gold glitter but fine glitter works too)
Medium sized paintbrush
Bowl/Tupperware container

Create a small mixture of modge podge and glitter into your container (1/4 of a cup is enough) and apply a layer to soles of shoes. Be careful to not get any on the sides of your shoes!

(I got my modge podge and glitter from Wal-Mart, and together it only cost roughly $6.)

While wet, sprinkle a coat of glitter over the surface and let dry for at least 2-3 hours.

After it dries completely, apply another layer of modge podge and let dry overnight. The modge podge dries clear, so you'll be left with a glossy and smooth finish!

   (FYI, I got my heels from Cato!)

Voila! Now you have some fabulous, original heels that will be sure to stand out!

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