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My Spring Must-Haves: Edgy Edition

By 5:51 PM

For those of us who love fall and winter, spring is a tricky time for us when it comes to fashion.

I live for leather jackets, boots, jeans, scarves, and lots of accessories. I also tend to wear black the majority of the time, so I can't always welcome spring wholeheartedly like a lot of girls do.

I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who have the same struggles as I do when it comes to spring fashion, so here's a few pieces I keep in my arsenal to prepare myself for warmer weather.

1. Denim Vests

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Wearing a studded denim vest like this one is the perfect way to transition from your darker fall wardrobe to a warmer one for the spring. There are a ton of options for what you could wear with this, but I typically opt for a black quarter-length sleeve top underneath or a cool t-shirt.
TIP: Unless you're a fan of the denim-on-denim trend, I'd steer clear of wearing a denim vest with regular jeans. I normally wear mine with black skinny jeans, but it's completely up to you. If you do opt for denim jeans, definitely choose a pair that's a darker wash than the vest. Check out Teen Vogue's post on how to rock the denim/denim trend here.

2. Band Tees photo
 Band tees are probably the most-worn items in my closet, regardless of the season. The great thing about them is that they're comfy, cool, and can be worn so many different ways. Recently I've gotten into DIY'ing my old tees and revamping them for warmer weather. You can try cutting them up to make crop tops, cutting off the sleeves, adding slits in the back, or any combination of those! Check out Buzzfeed's post on 31 different DIY projects for t-shirts here.
TIP: If you have an edgier style, buying band tees in a size or two larger than what you normally wear will work with your outfits in the best way. Pairing a larger band tee with tight skinny jeans is the perfect rocker look.

3. Converses photo
 Personally, I think everyone should have a good pair of black converses in their closet, regardless of your personal style. I think they're a great shoe to own because they're comfortable AND stylish. (What?!) This really comes in handy for the spring and summer when you tend to do a lot of traveling and walking around. I'd definitely wear these to a summer music festival or concert.
TIP: For a cooler look, use black shoelaces instead of white. All the white on converses can make them look quite stark, especially  if paired with a darker outfit. Also, switch it up with lacing!

4. Denim Button-Ups photo
One of the most-worn items in my closet is a good denim button-up shirt. This is great for anyone who wants to remain fashionable in the spring but doesn't like showing off their goods entirely. A denim shirt is perfect for layering over other items when it gets cooler, and it's also fantastic to wear alone. I personally tend to pair mine with a band tee or a simple tank top underneath.
TIP: Don't waste a chunk of cash on a denim shirt. Instead, check out your local thrift stores for great finds! I've found each of my denim shirts at thrift stores for under $3.00! Check out this website to find thrift stores in your area.  

 5. Thin Material Jeans
I'm a lover of jeans and can't stay away from them, regardless of the weather. However, it's a little difficult to stand wearing jeans when the weather is 80 degrees and higher. One thing to keep in mind is the material of the denim. Stick with jeans that are a thinner, stretchy material for maximum comfort. 
TIP: Old Navy's "RockStar" super skinny jeans are, in my opinion, superior to any other skinny jean. They're the perfect thin material for warmer months and fit like a glove. I have three pairs of their black skinny jeans, if that tells you anything. Check them out here and get a pair ASAP!

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