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Must-See Beauty & Fashion Youtubers

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For years and years now, I've been obsessively watching so many Youtubers that it's kind of ridiculous. I'm subscribed to a ton of them, so I thought I'd give a comprehensive list of who my favorites are and who you should be watching!

Lauren Curtis photo

Lauren Curtis has become one of my more recent Youtube favorites. I came across one of her videos a few weeks ago and have been watching them nonstop ever since. She's a beautiful girl from Australia who has great content, creates stunning makeup looks, and has a fantastic laugh (in my opinion). I'm only slightly obsessed.

Video to watch:
Prom Makeup Tutorial

Cherry Dollface photo

Cherry Dollface is another Youtuber I've come across recently and have fallen in love with. Her style is perfect for anyone who loves edginess and everything pinup. She's one of the most beautiful tattoo-covered women I've ever seen and makes great hair and makeup videos. A model on the side, she also makes videos with advice on how to pose when modeling and how to do pinup modeling specifically.

Scarlet Saint photo

I've been watching Scarlet Saint for awhile now and I absolutely love her videos. She's quirky and funny and has a great, no-nonsense approach to her videos. She talks about a number of topics on her channel, not just limited to beauty and fashion. She's also a model and I believe she has some videos on modeling as well.

Gigi Gorgeous photo

Ah, Gigi. I've loved Gigi since the first time I watched a video of hers and I can't imagine a time when I didn't watch them religiously. What makes Gigi interesting is that she's actually a transgender beauty guru, so not only does she have great advice for beauty-related issues but she also offers a few videos that could give some insight into the trans world. She's adorable, hilarious, and brutally honest. (P.S.: She may seem a little superficial, but she's a sweetheart).

Video to watch: 
Soft Waves Look

Zoella photo

Zoella has to be one of the cutest British Youtubers I've ever seen. She's a tiny bundle of joy and has so many awesome videos on beauty and fashion. She also collabs with her brother and friends occasionally, which are always hilarious. Her style is cutesy but there's more to this girl than meets the eye.

Video to watch:
How To: Messy Bun

Abbey photo

Abbey is by far one of the coolest chicks on YouTube. She's pretty different from the average beauty guru, considering how quirky she is. She's someone I feel like I can connect with - she's super into music and going to shows, she has a great laid back style, and she's easygoing. Definitely check her videos out!

Video to watch:
How to Pack for a Music Festival

StilaBabe09 photo

Meredith (AKA StilaBabe09) is another favorite of mine. She's incredibly endearing and sweet, and she always makes me smile because of her positivity. She makes a variety of videos, including beauty, style, and fitness videos. Love her.

Video to watch:
Morning Routine Spring 2014

Arden Rose photo

Arden is definitely one of my absolute favorites out of this list. It doesn't matter what her most recent video is about; if she uploads it, I'm going to watch it. She's hilarious, spunky, a little weird, and insanely beautiful and stylish. She cracks jokes throughout all her videos and makes it really easy to feel like you're actually friends with her.

Video to watch:
Weird Stuff That I Own

Sarah Hawkinson photo
Somehow I came across one of her videos a couple weeks ago and I've been hooked ever since. I love a lot of YouTubers, but I don't think I've ever felt as connected to one as I do with her. She's the only YouTuber I've ever seen who has the same problems I do - blonde eyebrows, blonde lashes, and problematic skin. This girl is just straight up awesome. She's funny and different, and that's why I love her.

Video to watch:
Makeup For Lazy People

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  1. I love Mere, Zoella and Arden, I am obsessed with Arden I watch her videos nonstop!

    I'd add Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, AndreasChoice and Mimi Ikonn to that list! I adore them!