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The Beauty Struggle of Redheads

By 4:31 PM

Being a redhead and a lover of beauty products, I've learned a lot over the years about what works with my hair and skintone. What a lot of people don't realize is how much of a struggle it can be! I'm not gonna lie, I love having red hair, but some of the things I deal with on a daily basis are pretty frustrating.

 Such as ...

1. The blondest eyebrows you can imagine

When I say my eyebrows are blonde, I don't mean a dark blonde or a slightly tinted blonde. I mean, straight-up translucent brows. When I don't have my eyebrows filled in, I look like an albino martian walking around.

And as if that's not annoying enough, having red hair also makes finding the perfect shade for my brows a challenge. I can't stand when redheads fill in their brows with a red pencil because honestly, it seems more unnatural than anything else. I've never met at redhead with red brows, but maybe it works for some. I usually use a light brown or dark blonde pencil and hope for the best.

And I don't just have blonde brows .....

2. Blonde eyelashes

Much like my brows, my eyelashes are completely transparent. This makes going out without mascara a travesty. I've even had makeup artists mention it to me before when doing my makeup. One said they were the lightest lashes they had ever seen. I was quick to reply, "Yeah, and they're a pain in the ass!"

3. Black eyeshadow? Prepare for raccoon-face.

Because of my light skin that comes with having red hair, it makes pulling off dark eyeshadow looks really challenging. This sucks for me because dark makeup looks are my absolute favorite. It's probably a faux pas, but I've definitely left the house with insanely dark eye makeup. It's still difficult to work with though, because it's hard to draw the line between natural and intense.

4. Forget wearing pink and certain shades of red.

I'm not a big pink-wearer so that's not as big of an issue for me, but it's still impossible to find a shade of pink that doesn't clash with my hair. The same goes for red. People have said that I pull of red outfits and lips better than most redheads, but it's only because I've searched for years to find the right shade and stick with it.

And last but not least ....

5. No SPF = Not an Option

This is probably the best (cough *worst* cough) part of being a redhead. I could sit outside to have lunch with friends and get a sunburn. Taking a walk during the day? Forget it, unless I'm doused in SPF 100. I kind of see it as a positive in a way, just because it makes me more aware of skin damage, but still. It's no fun. Friends tease me at the beach, but look ....the struggle is real.

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  1. Though I'm not a red head, I stuggle with the same translucent brows + blonde lashes issue. It's so frustrating sometimes to get the perfect colour to fill them in. This is a really great, inventive post!

    Shannon xo |

    1. It is incredibly frustrating! Thank you so much, I really appreciate you reading it!