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7 summer fashion rules you should break

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In the world of fashion, there are a lot of "understood" rules about summer fashion.

Well, I think most rules are meant to be broken anyway. Here are a few typical fashion rules that I think you should definitely consider breaking this summer.

1. You can't wear boots.

Actually, wearing boots in the summer is totally acceptable. What you have to do is put a little more thought into how the outfit will work in a way that won't make you burn up in the heat.

You can pair some cute boots with a summery dress, for instance. I'd go with a dress that hits right above the knee for the most flattering effect.

You can also wear your boots tucked into skinny jeans, but make sure to keep the top airy enough. You can wear it with a simple tank top or a loose flowy blouse.

2. Wearing black = A big no no.

You can totally wear black in the summer. I think the main thing with wearing black is making sure that you're either wearing it at night or you're not wearing it from head to toe.

Don't be afraid to wear your little black dress or your cute black tops. Just pair them with brighter colors for the daytime and pretty accessories for night!

3. Bright nail colors are the only option.

I know bright coral and pink nails are all the rage during the summer, but you don't have to wear them if you don't want to. Black nails can look very chic, as well as deep plums and blue shades.

If you're afraid of your nails looking too hard, try using a brighter shade for a pop of color on your ring finger. It adds some interest to your look and lightens it up a little bit, while making it more trendy.

4. No jeans. Period.

I'm a huge fan of jeans, so completely going without them in the summer just isn't an option for me. That's why I try to opt for denim that's thin and breathable for comfort. Skinny jeans are alright, but I wouldn't wear them all the time during the days in the summer. I also like to wear lighter wash denim in the summer as well. The lighter wash doesn't attract the sunlight like a dark color would, but if you're not into wearing shorts you can still feel comfortable.

5. Tights shouldn't be worn.

While I'm not a huge tights wearer myself, I definitely think it's okay to still rock them in the summer. With everything else, it depends on how you wear them. If you don't want to bare your legs, wear them with a short, airy dress. If you wear a light fabric dress over the tights, it helps balance out with the tights.

Also, don't be afraid to try patterned tights! They can be super fun for the summer time.

6. Work on your tan, pronto.

Fellow porcelain ladies, I'm talking to you. I know that being tan in the summer is all the rage, but don't feel like you have to bake your skin (fake or real) to fit in. You don't have to hit the tanning bed, poolside, or get spray tans regularly to feel good in your own skin. Own being pale - it's beautiful.

And anyway, skin cancer doesn't look good on anyone.

7. Harem pants are a must.

... Okay, maybe this isn't a real summer rule. But it sure seems that way with the way they're exploding in the fashion world, and I just don't think it's okay. Don't give in. Stand your ground!

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