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Body Mist/Spray Collection (+ tip for purchasing)

By 9:00 PM

Consider this an extension of my perfume collection post! I'm pretty obsessed with Victoria's Secret body mists, so prepare yourself for some serious product placement. I swear they're not paying me, although I think they should!

Aqua Kiss

Rain-kissed freesia and fresh daisy are the main components of this mist, and I absolutely love it!

Pure Seduction

This spray smells like a mixture of red plum and freesia and is absolutely decadent!

Mango Temptation

This is one of my favorites. It's a mix of mango nectar and hibiscus. Mango has to be one of the best scents for a body mist, in my opinion.

Moonlight Dream

This spray has notes of honeysuckle and an "aquatic orchid kiss," as it says on the description. I love this scent purely for the honeysuckle, which is my all-time favorite scent.

Secret Charm

Honeysuckle and jasmine make up this spray, which is why it's one of my favorites. I recently purchased a new one of these because I was actually running out of my other, which is a big deal.

Luscious Crush

This is a recent addition to my collection, and one that I already love. It's made up of tangerine and passion flower.

You're All Mine

This is a scent with apple and bergamot blossom, which smells heavenly.

PINK Sweet & Flirty

Sugar berry and pink grapefruit make up this scent, and I'm obsessed with it!

PINK Cool & Carefree

This smells like passion fruit and daisy, which I absolutely love.

PINK Fresh & Clean

I would say this is my favorite of the PINK items in my collection. It's a mix of fresh apple and lily. It's perfect for when you step out of the bath or shower.

Victoria's Secret: Night

This is one of my favorites. It's fruity, floral, and sultry; perfect for a night on the town.

Essence of Beauty: Tropical Papaya

I love the smell of papaya, so this scent is perfect for hitting the beach or for anything during the summer.

Essence of Beauty: Sweet Paradise

This is a sweet scent that's not too heavy - love it!

Essence of Beauty: Sensual Night

This is a great scent for nighttime (obviously) and is perfect for anyone who doesn't like to be weighed down by a fragrance!


(I use the word "pro" loosely, as you can imagine)

I know a lot of women usually wait it out for the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale to stock up on their favorite sprays and perfumes, but that's not always the best idea. I'd definitely hit up the sale for discounted perfume and various other sprays, but when it comes to the main sprays they have (usually on the walls), there's a sale during the months before the semi-annual sale that are way better. About a month ago I got 7 or 8 sprays for around $35, which is a much better deal than the 3 for 30 deals they have going on for the sale. Make sure you know your sales!

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