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My Perfume Collection (+ updates)

By 5:51 PM

Long time, no see! I didn't expect to be MIA for such a long time, but among finishing up the spring semester and graduating college, winding down from the stress, and moving out of my apartment, I've been all over the place. Luckily, I'm finally getting settled down and am ready to start posting regularly again!

Today I thought I'd share my perfume collection, which is super exciting for me because I'm slightly obsessed with perfume, body sprays .... fragrance is my thing and I love any chance I get to talk about it. This list isn't as long as it once was or should be, because I know I have a few other perfumes but they're packed in bags I haven't gotten to unpacking yet (slacker, I know!) I'll be sure to asterisk which ones are my favorites as well.
*Ed Hardy - Love Kills Slowly

This perfume. It's a big statement for a perfume collector to make, but I'd say this is probably my signature fragrance. Anyone who's ever around me regularly knows this scent by heart. Its main notes are fruity, with woodsy scents in the background. I love it because it's a great universal perfume - you can wear it practically any time during the year, during the day or night, and I haven't met anyone who doesn't like this scent.
*Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things: Vixen

This is fittingly one of the sexiest perfumes I've ever owned. Even the bottle is sexy! This fragrance is floral with a hint of vanilla and a slight spiciness in the background. This is one of the best scents to wear in the evening, for sure. Unfortunately, I believe this perfume is discontinued, which is why I still have half a bottle due to using it sparingly.

Britney Spears: Circus Fantasy

This perfume was one of my favorites when I was in high school. Pretty much any Britney Spears fragrance is perfect for high schoolers or anyone who just likes simple, sweet fragrances and nothing too heavy or sensual. It's sweet and floral and the bottle is beautiful.

Beyonce: Pulse

I really love the packaging for this perfume in particular. The scent is citrus meets vanilla, with a floral background. I don't wear this perfume very often, but I do think it has a really nice scent if you don't want to go the floral or sweet route. It's a more sophisticated scent.
*Curve: Crush

This perfume was my signature in high school and wearing it always makes me feel nostalgic. I used to wear it primarily in the fall, and even my friends would notice when I would switch to it from my summer scents, always telling me they knew that fall must be here. It's an interesting scent that's hard to pinpoint, but it's described as being a warm spicy, musky scent. I wouldn't say it's terribly musky, though, or else I wouldn't wear it!

MOR Cassis Noir Perfume Oil

This perfume oil comes in a rollerball form. I actually purchased this at a random boutique in my college town; it was a random gem I came across. Its main scent is rose, with hints of fruit and white floral. Something about a perfume oil just feels so decadent and classy to me for some reason. Love this scent.
*Victoria's Secret: Bombshell

This is one of my favorite V.S. fragrances. It's sexy, sweet, fruity, fresh ... pretty much everything I love in a fragrance in one little beautiful bottle. That's all I can say. Buy it!

*Ed Hardy: Love & Luck

As you can tell, Ed Hardy and anything similar are favorites of mine. This perfume is unlike my others in that it's practically perfect for me, and here's why. I've been told that when a scent is perfect for you, after wearing it you can't smell it on yourself, but others can. That happened to me when I wore this perfume. I love the scent SO much, but was disheartened when I couldn't smell it on myself after wearing it for a couple hours. However, all my friends kept telling me how great it smelled on me. I knew it was meant to be. This scent is citrusy, fruity, sweet, and woodsy. It's an interesting blend of notes that work to make the perfect scent.
Crostin Aulligar: Down & Dirty

This was another random find I came across at a thrift store, actually. I had never heard of Crostin Aulligar, but it's much like Ed Hardy. It's kind of fruity and floral-y and is a great light scent to wear anytime. I also love this bottle.

Stay tuned for my next post and I'll dish about all my body sprays and mists! (That list is MUCH more extensive, trust me!)

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