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What Women Do for Beauty

By 10:38 AM

Most women work pretty hard to look good on a daily basis. Some do more than others, but any woman who loves fashion and beauty can agree that we do some ridiculous things in the name of beauty. 

For starters ...

High heels

This is one crazy train I have a hard time boarding. I think we can all agree that heels look incredible on women, but good lord ... is the pain worth it? (Carrie Bradshaw would slap me right now)

Heels make your butt look great, they help improve your posture, and they give you confidence and sex appeal. Unfortunately, they can also lead to sprained ankles, painful blisters, and sometimes even burst blood vessels (I don't speak from experience or anything ....) There was even an article in Glamour magazine in 2010 about cosmetic foot surgery in which women were actually going under the knife to get slimmer feet in order to better wear stilettos. Um .... really?!
False lashes

The idea of putting fake hair on your eyes in order to look more desirable is pretty ludicrous when you think about it. For years and years now, women have longed for long, luscious lashes to better flirt with men and look more attractive. I can't tell you how many times I've nearly gotten glue in my eye or almost poked my eye out trying to apply a pair of falsies, only to eventually give up on it entirely. 

Pouring hot wax on your skin to remove all that "unattractive" hair sounds like a good time, right?


While some women limit waxing to strictly the bikini line area, some women actually get their entire bodies waxed in order to avoid shaving regularly. And it's pretty much all just to please someone else, the majority of the time. 


If you've never been introduced to the world of Spanx, consider yourself lucky. Spanx is a wonderful torture device used to suck in any ounce of fat a woman has to make her look thinner and more smooth in form-fitting clothing.

It's great for what it's meant for, but it's got to be one of the most uncomfortable things a person can wear, with the exception of corsets worn back in the day to cinch in the waist. 

Hair Straightening/Curling
I don't know who the first person was who thought that applying a hot iron to the hair was a good idea, but it's a thing and I don't think we're ever going back.

Curly haired ladies always want to straighten the crap out of their hair, while straight haired girls prefer curling them constantly, which is just as healthy as it sounds.

Also, need I remind anyone of the video that went viral on YouTube of the girl who burned a lock of her hair off by straightening it?


Bras may not be that crazy to most people, but if you've ever worn an underwire bra you know the struggle.

Bras are wonderful and can make you feel super sexy, but when you wear an ill-fitting bra or one that's been worn for years, it can be the bane of your existence.

Honestly, the best part of wearing bras is taking them off. That, we can all agree on.

Acrylic Nails

I made the mistake of getting acrylics once in my life and I never plan on going back. Sure, they make your nails look flawless for weeks, but once those start chipping and come off, be prepared for your nails to never look the same again (or at least not for several months). Acrylics did more damage to my nails than any amount of nail polish ever has.

Also, how can anyone function with acrylics? Doing anything becomes nearly impossible with fake nails glues to your fingertips.


I could go on for hours and hours about all the weird things women do for beauty, but this covers it for now. What crazy things do you do? Let me know!

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  1. Wow! This is so true. We torture ourselves. I am definitely guilty of several: the high heels, the false eyelashes and curling the hair. Love this post.


    1. Thanks Sharon! You're so right ... all in the name of beauty!

  2. Ahah, what a funny post! But you know what? I feel so uncomfortable wearing no bra, ahah!

    1. Ah thank you! :) Really?! I get that, though. Having some support is always a nice feeling! But it can be such a pain sometimes!

  3. I still cannot get fake lashes on for the life of me. I just end up crying everytime. Thanks for linking up!

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    1. Haha, I struggle with them too! They look amazing when they actually work out, but those times are rare for me. Thanks for reading!