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Why Insecurities Are Holding You Back

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I remember several conversations I've had with friends in the past couple of months that have really stuck in my memory.

With the majority of people I know, whenever someone brings up the notion of going to the beach or the pool, the conversation is usually then flooded with exclamations of, "Girl, I'm not bikini ready!" or "But I can't go shirtless!" "My body's not ready for that."

Some people choose to shed excess weight as quickly as possible to take that long-awaited beach trip, while others sit inside and pout in jealousy of everyone else who can wear a swimsuit in front of people.

As if it's impossible to have any fun if you're not flawless.

Why is it that so many people are actually neglecting to have any fun simply because of insecurities?

It's not limited to women, and it's not even limited to swimsuit season.

I hear guys say they can't take their shirts off but feel silly wearing a shirt in the pool. Likewise, I hear girls say they've got too much cellulite or they're too pale or maybe they haven't shaved recently.
There's no reason why any of these things should hinder you from having a good time. If you like going to the beach or the pool, do it! Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. 

Sure, the beach will be chock full of tanned muscular shirtless men and thin bronzed goddesses. That's a part of life. 

But you should never apologize for not being thin, tan, or flawless enough to go shirtless or to wear a swimsuit.

I can't tell you exactly what the meaning of life is, but rest assured that it's not about how you look. The great part about life is that amidst all the struggles and hardships, it can be just as fun as you allow it to be.

And anyway, back to those tanned, "perfect" people you're so worried about?

I'm pretty confident that they're more worried about having a good time than what you look like. Take a cue and have some fun!

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  1. exactly we are too young to be insecure, we need to be able to embrace who we are and love it too

    1. Exactly! Why worry when you could have fun instead? Thanks for reading!