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Fashion Inspiration - DIY

By 8:00 AM

Lately I've been in serious need of some fashion inspiration, so naturally I began scouring Pinterest for some ideas. I'm sure I'm not the only one addicted to Pinterest-ing. It's amazing how many awesome pictures you can find for inspiration, not to mention all the DIY and craft ideas you can try out.

Yesterday I was searching images and saving them to my fashion board and thought to myself how much I wanted these images to be on my walls, rather than saved on my phone. So I decided that it was high time for a little DIY project! (When is the time ever wrong for a DIY project, really?)

I have a stack of glossy photo paper saved from a project I did a long time ago and decided to put it to use, so I saved some of my favorite Pinterest fashion images to my phone and sent them to my Google Drive account (you can either do this or simply email them to yourself - whichever works!).

I then went to my desktop computer, pulled up the images, and printed out 10 photos onto the glossy paper, 2 on each page. Then, I cut the excess paper from the edges, leaving them without a border.

I found a vertical rectangular picture frame that I thought would be perfect for this project, so I decided to use that for my photos. I took a piece of poster board and cut it so that the edges would fit inside the frame behind the glass, glued/taped the images to the poster board in an arrangement I desired, inserted it between the backside of the frame and the plexi glass, and voila! My beautiful DIY fashion inspiration photos!

I not only have some gorgeous photos to decorate my room with, but I can actually see what inspires me face-to-face (or face-to-wall ....) rather than searching for inspiration on my phone!


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