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How To Love Your Short Hair

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Having long, luscious locks has long been sought after women for years and years. It's considered one of the ultimate signs of femininity (aside from heels and short skirts, I suppose).

So when women decide to chop their length off and sport a shorter look, they tend to feel like they can't be sexy or feminine anymore. But it's not true at all! If you struggle with your relationship with your short hair, here's some advice on how to learn to love it.

Long hair doesn't = feminine/sexy.

Long hair is not the end all, be all of sexiness and femininity. In fact, a lot of women hide behind their long hair because they feel that it's their only beautiful trait.

I always had long hair when I was younger and I used to feel that it was the only pretty thing about me. So, I hid behind it. I chopped about four inches off my hair last year and felt like a new person.

I wasn't hiding behind my hair anymore, and you know what else? I got just as many, if not more, compliments with my short hair as I did with my long hair.

Take Emma Watson, for example. In an interview with Glamour magazine, she said that although men liked her long hair, she never felt as confident with long hair as she does with short hair.

Obviously, she's gorgeous no matter what length her hair is. I think it's admirable for her and so many other female celebrities to chop their hair off and go against what other celebrities are doing.

There is beauty in simplicity.

Keeping up with long hair tends to be pretty time consuming and involves a lot of effort. Appreciate the simplicity of having a shorter hairstyle that doesn't require a ton of blow drying, heat styling, or products.

You don't have to always have perfectly coiffed, styled hair all the time. Do you have any idea how wonderful it is to know that with my shorter length, I can blow dry my hair in five minutes and straighten or curl it in 5-10 minutes? It's incredibly refreshing.

It can help you play with your masculine side.

When I cut my hair, I felt a lot more comfortable wearing styles that were typically more masculine. It helped me expand my fashion horizons and have some fun with my look.

Likewise, it can give you a free pass to dress even more provocatively than you have previously. Sexing up your look feels much less uncomfortable when you're rocking a shorter hairstyle, believe it or not.


Bottom line - short hair IS sexy. If you haven't experimented with chopping your hair off, no better time than the present!

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