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Summer Skin Care Tips (+ sunburn advice!)

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As a fair-skinned redhead, I've had my fair share of skin issues.

Sunburns, water blisters .... just a couple of the woes I've experienced.

I also have acne-prone combination skin in general, so I have to be adamant about taking care of my skin needs.

Here's a few tips for keeping your skin as healthy as possible during the summer months!


This is one of the most important tips I could offer for keeping skin healthy. It's so important to moisturize regularly, but infinitely many people neglect it.

It's true, moisturizing can be annoying and it adds time into your getting ready schedule, whether you're preparing for day or night. But moisturizing keeps skin from getting dry, itchy, and it can also help with fake tanning if you're into that.

The best time to moisturize is right after you take a bath or shower, while your skin is damp. It really helps your skin to fully soak up all the moisturizer on your skin, as opposed to just sitting on the surface.

TIP: If you're a fan of hot baths/showers like I am, not only should you moisturize heavily afterwards but you should also down a bottle of water post-bath. Keeping your body in hot water sucks the moisture out faster than you think, and moisturizing along with drinking water will really replenish the skin. I like to keep a bottle of water next to the bath to enjoy even while bathing.


Visiting the beach, lake, or even just swimming in a pool can really take a toll on your skin. My skin always feels super grimy after swimming in the ocean in particular. Exfoliating your skin regularly can really help with getting rid of that gross, dead skin on the surface.

I like to exfoliate my face several times a week and my body at least once a week, and definitely after being in a body of water for an extended period of time!

TIP: Make your own exfoliator! You don't need all those fancy scrubs that beauty stores sell for sometimes $10-20 each. If you want to check out a great recipe I use all the time, click here.


I don't care how tan you are - sunscreen is the #1 thing you should always be wearing on your skin, especially in the summer. The sun affects everyone, even though it may not be as obvious on some people.

Fellow fair-skinned beauties, I religiously wear at least SPF 50 - 100 when I'm out in the sun. I prefer the spray skin as opposed to lotion, as it's easily and less messy to apply. I also use waterproof versions the most, regardless of whether I'll be in the water. (Extra precautions never hurt!)

If you don't burn easily, I'd still wear at least SPF 15-30 when in the sun.

Here's the thing - burns may not happen for everyone, but aging doesn't discriminate against color. Those who take care of their skin and wear SPF regularly are much more likely to age well and not develop age spots or wrinkles down the line.

(If that's not enough for you, check this photo out. Eek.)

TIP: If you still get sunburned, green tea is the best remedy. Green tea is full of antioxidants and anti-flammatory agents that make sunburns infinitely less painful. Make a pot of green tea (any brand works fine - I use an organic brand myself), chill in the fridge (or freezer for quicker results), soak a washcloth with it and apply to the sunburned area and hold until the washcloth starts warming up. Then re-soak and apply again. I promise you, by the very next day the heat will be completely gone and it will at least be 45-50% healed. I sweat by doing this!

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