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Writer's Block + Music Recommendations

By 9:00 AM

For the past week or two, I've had a lot on my plate. Among being sick, taking care of family needs, and being bogged down in my own thoughts and needs to have some "me" time, my mind has been all over the place.

You read that correctly - I'm experiencing writer's block.

So I figured I'd sit down and talk about a few things that have been taking up the majority of the space in my head lately.

Let's talk about music. I'm not just a beauty/fashion fiend - I'm first and foremost an avid music lover. I'm into a lot of different genres and musicians, but lately I've gotten hooked on the band Neon Trees.

I've never met anyone who's super into this band. Most people only know them for those two songs on the radio that nearly everyone and their mother knows ("Animal" and "Everybody Talks"). 

Not too long ago, I saw an interview with the lead singer Tyler Glenn on Chelsea Lately and I fell in love with him. He seems like a very down to earth guy and has the most interesting style. So, I decided to further look into their music. Lo and behold, I've found my new obsession.

They have three albums - Habits, released in 2010 I believe, Picture Show, released around 2012, and Pop Psychology, released this year. I intitially listened through Pop Psychology before delving into the older albums and have found that I really love all three. 

Their earlier sound has a lot more of a rock edge than it does now. It's got this electro-rock-synth feel that's super cool. Here's a list of my top picks from each album that you simply MUST check out (and I've added asterisks by my favorite song on each album):


You'll enjoy this album if you like old-school sounding music that gives you a feeling of nostalgia.

"Sins Of My Youth"
* "In The Next Room" *
"Our War"
"Your Surrender"


You'll be a fan of this album if you like music that's a little weird, moody, and synth-y.

"Moving In The Dark"
"Lessons in Love"
* "Close To You" *
"Teenage Sounds"


You'll like this album if you're into feel-good pop tunes you can dance to and lyrics that make you think.

  "Sleeping With A Friend" 
  "Text Me In The Morning"
  "First Things First"
  "I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)"
  "Foolish Behavior"
  * "Living In Another World" *


Do yourself a favor and go listen to these albums immediately. And while you're at it, should you discover any professionals who can help with the inability to listen to anything other than one band, drop me a line. I may need some rehab.

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