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My First Tattoo Experience

By 8:00 AM

Well, I finally did it.

After years of wanting tattoos, I finally decided to get my first one this week.

It honestly didn't hurt too much overall. When he started it, I was surprised at how it felt. It wasn't as painful as I anticipated. However, once he got to the middle of it (around my spine), it was definitely more painful. But it wasn't unbearable, just uncomfortable. On a scale of 1-10 for pain, I'd give it an overall 5. Not bad, but not painless.

The quote I got, "La vie en rose," means "life in pink." I interpret this as seeing life through rose colored glasses. It's always held significance for me, mostly because I have always been a glass half-full kind of person. Being an idealistic dreamer, I like to see the positivity in life and beauty in everything.

However, it's been a struggle for me lately. My once-optimistic personality has become a little bitter by life in the past few months. Unfortunately, I've let the obstacles in my life influence my mind in a negative way. I wanted to get this tattoo now to symbolize this time in my life, and to remind me to see the beauty in my dreams.


Do you have any tattoos? If so, what do they mean to you?

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