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My New Blogging Schedule - please read!

By 11:55 AM

Hi readers!

I wanted to give you guys a little update on some changes I'm going to be implementing with this blog.

I decided that creating posts sporadically and not really organized wasn't working for me, so I've come up with a regular blogging schedule that I hope you all will take note of. This will help me organize my posts, which will in turn help YOU find posts that interest you a little bit easier. It'll also help me plan posts, as well as help you know what to expect every day. Here's a schedule I've come up with for every week (changes could be made to this one day, but for now we'll stick with this).

****UPDATE AS OF NOVEMBER 11, 2014****

I will only be doing 4 Daily Inspiration posts per week - those changes are mentioned below. I will also be adding a post for Thursdays. Likewise, I will be adding in more of a variety of posts; however, I won't be setting a schedule for those.

Monday - Mental Mondays
These days, I'll create posts regarding mental health/media issues that I think are important. These would include my articles on body image, advice for confidence, the importance of self-care, discussions about issues in the media, and anything else that complements this category.

Tuesday - Tip Tuesdays
Pretty self explanatory: I'll be sharing some of my favorite tips related to beauty and fashion.

Wednesday - Miscellaneous
I wanted to leave at least one day of the week open for any sort of random things I want to write about. Honestly, this could happen any day of the week (including the particular themed post of that day, of course), but I wanted to make sure I had a specific day for this to allow me some creativity and space to write about other topics that don't necessarily fit in with the other categories. It could include posts about music, my life, OOTD, FOTD, favorites, etc.

Thursday - Miscallaneous
*Same as above*

Friday - Top Five Days
On these days, I'll create various 'Top 5' posts. These could vary from Top 5 fashion trends to Top 5 beauty products. It'll be pretty broad.

Saturday - Celebrity Saturday
These posts will include anything celebrity-related in the fashion or beauty world. It could be a celebrity fashion rundown of the past week, celebrity-inspired makeup looks, and the like.

Sunday - No new posts


Along with these posts, I've decided to do a Daily Inspiration post on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. This will usually be quotes, but it could be anything inspiring.

Like I said, this schedule could be tentative. But I'm sticking with this for awhile, at least long enough so that I can get a feel for it and see how this schedule works out for me. Please give me feedback every once in awhile and let me know what you think about the schedule, as well as anything you'd like to see changed!

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  1. Wow, you post ALOT. ;) I couldn't do it :P

    1. Haha, you could! It takes some work but it's worth it.