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The Crazy Things Women Do for Beauty - Part II

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A couple months ago, my post on the things women do for beauty (read it here) was so well-received by my readers, I figured I should do a follow-up post on some more of the crazy things us ladies do to be "beautiful." Enjoy!

I don't know exactly when people became so enamored with having pearly whites, but it's become something that practically every woman longs for. I'm embarrassingly guilty of over-whitening my teeth - I've whitened so much, my teeth have become even more sensitive than they used to be.

The things we sacrifice for beauty ....

                                                                                         DYEING OUR HAIR photo

Another favorite pasttime of ladies in the world. Nevermind being satisfied with what you were born with (or with having perfectly healthy hair) - just soak your hair in chemicals and dyes, and voila!


Two words.

Razor burn.

                  TRYING TO FIT INTO TOO-TIGHT JEANS photo

Don't even try to act like you've never tried desperately to fit into a pair of jeans that obviously don't fit you. We all know how it goes: slide, wiggle, jump, twerk, grunt, hold your breath, and zip.


Squeezing your lashes between two pieces of metal with a slim piece of rubber in between? Sounds great, right?

But curved lashes just look so much cuter!

                            TWEEZING OUR BROWS photo

Another piece of hardware used in close proximity to your eyeballs. Doesn't sound dangerous at all. And nevermind the redness afterwards!


What other things do you do for beauty? Let me know!

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