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Tips for Flawless Eyeshadow Application

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One of my favorite parts of doing my makeup is applying eyeshadow. Some girls are obsessed with bold eyeliner or lips, but I think nothing beats a fabulous eyeshadow look.

My number 1 tip for achieving the best eyeshadow look?


When you're doing any sort of eyeshadow look that includes two or more shadows, blending is SO crucial for a seamless application. When I'm using a couple different shades on my lids (which I recommend always doing, if you want any dimension added to your eyes), I blend between each step.

Get a fluffy, medium-sized brush and a smaller version of it to get the best results. I find that a larger fluffy brush is great for blending your first layer of shadow, then using a smaller brush to blend a darker color on the outer areas/crease of the lids to add dimension and interest. The smaller brush helps keep the dark shadow concentrated in one area without accidentally blending it all over your lids.

TIP: Keep a few blending brushes on hand and make sure you clean them regularly. You don't want to ruin a great shadow by mixing it with the colors you used the last time you applied with that brush!

Another tip I have is my go-to eyeshadow look for basically any occasion. 

Use a light/medium shade all over your lids in a color that complements your eye color (If you'd like a post on help with finding complementary shades, let me know in the comments!) and a dark shade in the outer area of your crease. This is a great basic shadow application technique that will work for most eye shapes and will add depth to your eyes.

Finish with liner and mascara, and you're good to go!

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