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5 Ways to Incorporate Animal Print Into Your Wardrobe

By 8:00 AM

Animal print is the best print, if you ask me! Unfortunately, it can look super tacky if you don't wear it correctly. Here's a few of my favorite tried-and-true ways to rock animal prints without overdoing it!

SCARVES;; photos
Now that fall is upon us, scarves are the perfect way to accessorize any outfit. Switch up the textures according to the weather: thick, lush scarves for winter, lightweight scarves for the transition into fall. Keep it simple by pairing the scarf with basic items, like blazers or long sleeve shirts.

CARDIGANS;; photos
Cardigans are a favorite of mine. They can be worn casually or to dress up an outfit to go out in. An animal print cardigan can be super chic with an all-black ensemble or funky with a skirt and denim top.

EARRINGS;; photos
If you're hesitant to wear animal print clothing, going for animal print earrings is the way to go. It's simple but adds interest to the look. It's also an easier way to pull off a mixed-pattern outfit without going overboard into tacky-land!

JEANS;; photos
If you feel daring, nothing is hotter than animal print jeans. Whether they're brown, grey, dark, or light-wash, they can really amp up your look. The key to making them work is to keep the rest of your outfit simple (unless you're feeling crazy!). Keep it sleek with flats and a sweater, make it edgy with combat boots and a t-shirt, or glam it up with pumps and a flowy, black silk top.

SHOES;; photos
Animal print shoes are for the ultimate fashionista. What's great is that you can find these practically anywhere lately, whether they're stilettos or sneakers. Again, keep it simple with an outfit in simple, basic colors and no crazy prints.

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  1. I used to find animal print really gaudy, but have now come to realize that it could be a neutral pattern if done really well. (Read: not anything you would see on Jersey Shore). Love using it as an accent, mostly in my scarves!

    Tiff | AMtoPM

    1. That's true! A lot of people think of tacky, old lady ensembles when they picture animal print, but I think it can be so chic! Thanks for reading!