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7 Signs You're An Introvert

By 8:00 AM

Enjoying a casual night in at home? I have news for you - you just might be an introvert. If you're not fully sold yet, here's 7 ways you can really know if you're a closeted introvert.

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1. You get asked, "What are you thinking about?" ALL. THE. TIME.

You're always in your head, thinking about everything from the meaning of life to what you want for dinner later. This always ends in the person you're with asking you about your thoughts. The worst part? You're thinking about so many things at once, you couldn't possibly explain all of them!

2. You don't understand how people can post on Instagram so much about their lives.

Seriously, how are people always busy? The most exciting part of your day is usually the evening bath you take to wind down from your exciting day of reading and listening to music. Is wanting some alone time really that weird?

3. When you go to a party, you prefer hanging out with the pets of the house than the people.

You know how most girls squeal with excitement when they see long-lost friends? That's how you feel when you see an animal at a party. You then spend the rest of the evening trying to look busy by playing catch with Fido or stroking the cat's fur luxuriously. Also, they don't talk or judge you. What more could you want in a companion?

4. You stare blankly at your phone in public just to avoid eye contact with strangers.

Sometimes you're not even aware of what you're doing on your phone. You'll do anything to make it look like you're so busy with something important that you can't even acknowledge that stranger's awkward attempt at making eye contact with you.

5. One night out, fine. Two nights out ....

Unacceptable. Being around people that much is just exhausting. Who knew that human interaction could be so taxing? Besides, who wants to spend all that time getting dressed up when you could just stay in sweats all night?

6. You never get a word in.

You're so busy crafting the perfect response to everything your friend says that you can't even get a word in because they keep interrupting your thoughts. How do people think so quickly on their feet? Does no one else carefully plan out what they'll say before saying it? Oh, the humanity!

7. Deserted island? Hel-lo!

Um, is being trapped on a deserted island supposed to be a bad thing? Because that whole lack-of-interaction thing sounds pretty sweet to you. You introvert, you!

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  1. I think I'm sometimes an introvert and other times an extrovert. Is that even possible?! xx

    1. It's totally possible! I know it because that's how I am as well! There's a word for being in between, it's called ambivert! Thanks for reading!

  2. Found my way onto your blog from twitter :) I also think I'm both I like being around people but I also like my alone time so I think its a healthy balance :)

    1. I'm glad you discovered it, thanks for reading! :)