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First Impression Review: Milani Lipstick

By 2:41 PM

I was on the hunt today for a new lipstick, and my fellow lipstick lovers know how taxing that can be. After careful consideration and comparing a ton of products that I found, I finally settled on this new Milani lipstick, and since I was so ready to go home and try it out, why not do a first impression review?

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As soon as I noticed this shade, I knew it was the one! It's a gorgeous plum color that's not too purple, which I like. I'm not totally sold on the purple lipstick trend yet, but this is a good way for me to venture into it without going overboard.

I didn't apply any concealer to my lips prior to applying this, so the pigment is probably a lot more vivid with that. However, I'm really pleased with the pigment of this product! It blends pretty well and it feels moisturizing on my lips.

I'd love to experiment with blending this color with my Revlon Black Cherry lipstick and see what kind of look I can come up with!

Overall, I'm a fan of this product! We'll see if anything changes.

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  1. Wow, it's crazy how different the lipstick looks on to how it looks in the tube. It's really pretty though! I had Black Cherry and found it was just too dark and I was devastated - I do love a good wine lipstick though!

    Rachael at

    1. Right?? It's my favorite lipstick right now though. It actually shows up a little more purple in real life. I have Black Cherry as well! I usually mix it with a lighter lipstick because it really is so dark!