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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Wear Your Scarf Differently This Fall

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It's fall! I'm pretty sure you've realized this by now and if you're like me, your favorite fall accessory is a scarf. If it's not, you probably still own one, even if it's just to keep your neck warm. Nevertheless, as the weather gets colder, a scarf becomes a necessity.

As it goes with necessities, we use them the same old way every day, every month, every year and, in this case, every season. I have some good news, though! There are 5 new ways you can wear your scarf this season!

1 - The Belted Scarf

This is the hottest Fall fashion trend for 2014. It was made popular by the Burberry Fall 2014 fashion show.


2 - On Your Purse
Sometimes you may not want to wear a scarf on your neck. A great alternative is to tie it on your purse and rock it wherever you plan to go for the day!


3 - The Tie
So it's a beautiful Fall day and you don't necessarily need to keep your neck warm, how can you switch it up? Wear your scarf as a tie! It's especially a great complementary piece for professional attire.


4 - As A Halter
In my opinion, this is only for the daring but even with that said, it's always good to get out of your comfort zone and try something different ;) Using the same technique as wearing a belted scarf, try to wear your scarf as a halter and then later it with a cardigan during these cooler months. Then if you're heading to a night on the town later, remove the cardigan and give people a reason to stare!

Halter (2 outfits).jpg

5 - The Bow
Last but not least, you can wear your scarf as a bow! Whether it's with a coat, blouse or an oversized sweater, this style will definitely make you look sharp and is a great play on wearing menswear.

Bow (2 outfits).jpg

Truth be told, the scarf has always been a staple of womens' wardrobes. I hope these styles inspire you to try some different ideas so you can increase the versatility of your wardrobe this Fall 2014 season.

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