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How To Use Summer Staples to Transition Into Fall

By 8:00 AM

October is almost upon us and fall is in the air! I'm sure you're all just as excited as I am (especially if you live in the South) for fall fashion. Sometimes it can be difficult to make the transition from summer to fall, so here's some of my advice for using your summer favorites as a part of your fall looks!

White jeans photo

To make white jeans feel appropriate in the fall, try wearing them with darker colors and layers. I'd wear a pair with riding boots and a cute, cozy sweater. You could also dress them up more by wearing high-heeled boots and a pretty blouse with a blazer over it.

Crop top photo

Crop tops can be a little tricky for the fall, but never fear! Here's the trick: Think slightly longer styles in thicker materials. Maybe find a cute sweater and DIY it into a crop top (check out this version here). Also, make sure you layer adequately with the top. If the weather is only slightly cool, maybe pair it with a light jacket, skinny jeans, and boots!

High waisted shorts photo

High-waisted shorts can easily be worn in the fall when paired with the right items. Try wearing yours with tights or leggings underneath and a tucked-in sweater on top.

Maxi dress photo

Maxi skirts and dresses have been a huge fashion trend this year, and there's no reason why you can't rock them in the fall! You could layer a cool tee and cardigan (try belting it at the waist so you don't lose your shape) and pair it with a cool pair of ankle booties. For dressier occasions, throw on a pretty top and blazer, with heeled boots.

Lightweight scarf photo

A summery, lightweight scarf is perfect for transitioning into the fall. It's a great medium between no layers and bulky knits. Pair one with a tee and cardigan, and whatever bottoms you prefer!

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