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Tips for Easy Halloween Party Decorating

By 8:00 AM

If you've just decided to host a Halloween party this year (excellent procrastination, btw) and are stuck with no decorations and not a whole lot of money, here's a couple of cheap and easy ideas for decorating your house!

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Easy Halloween Cups

These cups look super cute, they're easy to do and it won't cost much! All you need is a pack of solo cups (you can find these practically anywhere for super cheap - a 50 pack costs only $8, so you can get a smaller pack for less), a black marker and a pack of tealights, which you can find at a Dollar General. Click here for more directions for this idea!

Poison Bottles

This idea may take a little more craftiness than the others, but it's really not too difficult and it would look awesome in a bathroom! You can also use empty wine or liquor bottles if you have any. It's also not necessary to get too crafty with it - you don't need fancy labels! Click here for more info on how to do this.

Bloody footprints

This idea is totally easy and will add a lot to the outside of your house! All you need is a white runner (I would try to find this at a Halloween store or place where they sell gift wrapper) and you can either use red paint or fake blood - I think it'd be more effective to do a mix of it. Step into the paint, walk down the paper, let it dry and you're good. If you'd rather buy this than make it (it only costs $9.99!), click here!

Bathroom Murder Scene

This is another idea that would be super easy but effective. You only need two items - a white shower curtain and red paint! You can find a super cheap curtain at Dollar General; no need to spend much on that. Click here for more on how to do it!

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