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Top 5 Easy Halloween Costumes

By 8:00 AM

We've still got time until Halloween, but I know plenty of you are searching high and low for costume ideas! Today I'm going to give you my top 5 ideas for Halloween - maybe you can find some inspiration.

1. SUGAR SKULL;;; photo credit

This Day of the Dead makeup look really only has to be as complicated as you make it. I did a Sugar Skull look last year and while my makeup was pretty complicated, my outfit was straight out of my closet!

Since I did a red and black sugar skull look, I wore my hair in a bun with a rose in it, a black lace top with a red tank underneath, black skinny jeans and heels. I put most of my effort into the makeup.

If you're good with makeup, you should definitely give this a try. If you're not, find a friend who is!

2. PIN-UP VAMPIRE;;; photo credit

This look is totally doable; honestly, you can do a vampire version of just about anything. For a pin-up look, you can do whatever you like with your outfit. You can wear a tight bodycon dress that's below the knee, a cropped corset top with a pencil skirt, or even go for a little sailor pin-up outfit!

Then do a sexy glam Vampire makeup look, add fake blood capsules and fangs, and that's it.

3. BLACK WIDOW (AVENGERS);;; photo credit

This Avengers costume is actually fairly easy to pull off - no leather jumpsuit required! For a simplified (but awesome) version of this costume, you'll need:

  • Black pants (leggings, preferably)
  • A fitted black zip-up jacket and black tank top
  • Toy guns
  • Stretchy black material (nylon, most likely - you can check Wal Mart out for this)
  • Sewing kit
  • Black spray paint
For this look, the little extras are what make it awesome. Create a thigh gun holster with the black material by measuring your thigh and sewing the material together. Then sew a smaller piece on the outside of the holster to create a loop for your gun. Get a cheap kid's toy gun, spray paint it black, and holster up! (This will be a great costume to wear this season now that the Iggy Azalea song is out, right?)

4. GINGER SPICE (GROUP OPTIONAL);;; photo credit

For this look, you can choose to replicate any of Ginger Spice's outfits. For a simple option, try this:

  • Red, white and blue corset
  • Short leather skirt
  • Tall boots
You can find super cheap corsets at a number of websites, as well as a pleather mini skirt. Grab a mic and a short wig and you're off!

5. POISON IVY (BATMAN);;; photo credit

This is another look in which the extras make it effective. You can amp it up with a green corset and tights, or you can keep it simple with my method! Here's some optional items for this look:

  • Green long sleeve shirt
  • Black skirt (above the knee, not too fitted)
  • Tights (sheer black tights are good)
  • Boots (tall is preferable: so are heeled boots!)
  • Fake vines (can get these at Wal Mart)
  • Red hair or wig

For this look, keep the costume simple and go crazy with your makeup! Experiment with lots of green shadows, glitter, and contouring. It's best to have red hair, so if it's not naturally red consider dyeing it temporarily. Wrap yourself up in the green vines and you're good to go!

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