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Why You Should Want to be a Miranda (SATC)

By 8:00 AM , photo credit

All my Sex and the City fans know it's true - whether you watch it religiously or only catch it when it comes on TV once in awhile, you and a couple of girlfriends have discussed which of the four fabulous female leads you'd be from the show.

Everyone wants to be a Carrie. Fierce, loving, free-spirited, gorgeous ... shoe-obsessed ... And then there's Samantha. She may sleep around more than you do, but she's independent and strong. Charlotte is sweet and optimistic, adored by men. Who wouldn't want that?

But what's wrong with being a Miranda?

No one, and I mean NO one, will claim being like Miranda. Everyone considers her to be the ugly duckling of the group; she's not as sexy, not as open about her sexuality, she's cynical, practical, realistic. And you know what? I adore her.

Regardless of your preconceived notions of Miranda, she really is fabulous. Sure, she's cynical and practical. But you know what else she is?


NO ONE on this Earth is just like Carrie Bradshaw, no matter how they think they are (or want to be). Carrie is a carefully crafted television character who, while she makes mistakes that we can oftentimes relate to, has a life that works out all too swimmingly, regardless of her situation. But we can all relate to Miranda. She makes mistakes with men, but she learns from them. She's far from perfect, but she rarely makes the same mistake twice. Her lifestyle is actually realistic. She falls in love rarely, but when she does, it's right. She won't let just anyone have her heart. She's beautiful, but not in a typical, idealistic way. She has insecurities. She has a career that's not glamorous, because not all careers are glamorous. And she still loves it. (She's also a redhead, which automatically makes her fabulous)

I just think more of us should own up to the fact that we've got a lot of Miranda in us, and that's not such a bad thing. photo credit

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