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5 Makeup Rules You Should Break

By 8:00 AM

When it comes to makeup, it seems like there are a thousand rules that everyone must abide by. However, breaking the rules is always more fun. Here's five makeup rules you should totally start breaking.

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1. Smokey eye with bold lip;; photo credit

This is one of the most annoying beauty rules I ever hear girls discuss. Apparently, it's an absolute sin! However, I completely disagree. I actually prefer pairing smokey eyes with bold lips. I find that one without the other makes the look incomplete. If I don't wear much eye makeup, I look pretty strange if I add a red lip. And when I do a smokey eye, nude lips don't balance them out enough. Pairing smokey eyes with bold lips creates a balance, and it's more fun to do!

2. Winged liner rules;; photo credit

A lot of girls are pretty picky and judgmental when it comes to winged liner. People say it's wrong to create a super thick line or it's not okay to bring the line past your eyeshadow. I say, go for it! Be creative when it comes to liner. If you prefer a winged look that's thick and extends farther out than most do, rock it. I personally love thick winged liner for a more dramatic effect.

3. Wearing dark makeup during the day;; photo credit

Gone are the days of only wearing light colors in the daytime! I think it looks fantastic to wear a bold lip or smokey eye during the day. The key to making it work is to not overdo it and maybe switch up the products you use. For instance, you can totally do a smokey eye during the day by using layers of brown or grey shadows, rather than black. You can even forgo the eyeliner and use all shadows to create a smokey look without going overboard. And if you're wearing sunglasses all day, a bright lip always works!

4. Colored eyeshadow = tacky;; photo credit

When you think of colored eyeshadow, most think of preteens getting into icy blue shades. However, bright colored eyeshadow can totally work! As a redhead, I love wearing colored eyeshadows. However, you have to be particular with what shade you wear, how you blend it and how you apply the color. Never use color eyeshadow all the way up to the brow bone, unless you're going for that tacky prom queen look I suppose. Also, use darker, more jewel-toned shades to amp up a smokey eye look.

5. Dark lip liner with lighter lipstick;; photo credit

I know it's considered tacky to wear dark liner with a lighter lipstick, but with the rising popularity of ombre lips it definitely works! Just make sure you blend, blend, BLEND to create a gradient of color from the outside of your lips to the inner area. 

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  1. Great rules to break! I love bold lips during the daytime!

  2. Replies
    1. I agree! I'm glad more people agree with it nowadays :)