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Beauty Products I'll Never Splurge On

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Because I'm not rolling in dough, I don't really spend an extraordinary amount on makeup (however, I would if I could - trust). Most of the beauty lovers I know are the same way. There are lots of items, however, that most of us enjoy splurging on. I definitely have a few products in my beauty arsenal that were well worth the splurge, but there are some beauty products I'm just not willing to spend much money on. Here's a few of mine - what are you not willing to splurge on?

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I feel like we can all agree that mascara is mascara, right? I mean, Maybelline has pretty much got us all covered with awesome mascaras that you can get for less than $15. If their products (along with many other drugstore brands) work so well, in what world will it ever be necessary to spend more than that? And also, mascara is something that should be thrown out more often than other beauty products. Let's be honest - NO small tube of black stuff you put on your eyelashes is worth $30. That's what I call getting ripped off.

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I'm definitely big on brows and think they're one of the most important aspects of your face that should be groomed on the regular. But brow pencils and products are so easy to find and from my experience, they all work the same. I know there are some incredible brow products out there, but I can get practically perfect brows with a $5 pencil just fine. Save the fancy brow powders and gels for someone else!

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IMO: Concealer is one of those products that, regardless of how much you spent on it, it's only as good as the method you use to apply it. I can make any concealer work on my skin if I apply it correctly. Likewise, I've used some incredible (and I mean, INCREDIBLE) concealers that cost me under $10. I don't see any point in spending more than that for a tiny tube that's only used to cover zits and occasional redness.

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Maybe it's just because I've never had a particularly bad experience with a blush, but I've never felt the need to spend much on them. Blush is something that just isn't a huge deal to me. If the color complements my skintone, that's really all I'm concerned about. The blushes I use typically cost less than $10 and have all worked pretty well for me. I'm sure that a fancy blush would be fabulous, but for a product I don't use much of, I don't see the point in over-spending.

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  1. Nice post, great idea, some things just really aren't paying much for!
    Loves! Kirstie @ Kimamely Beauty (

    1. I couldn't agree more! Thanks for reading!

  2. I agree on some points but for the concealer I'm going to have to disagree. Yes, there are concealers at cheaper price points, but the thing about drugstore cosmetics is it's difficult to buy according to skin tone. The trouble with drugstore cosmetics is often the selection and the inability to test out, which you can do somewhere like Sephora.

    Tiff | AMtoPM