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Guest Post - 5 Tips for Maternity Styling

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Pregnancy – this has probably been the only time in my life that I have truly celebrated my body! I’m not unhappy with my figure generally but ‘dressing my bump’ and embracing my (even) curvier self has empowered me so much more than I expected. I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and my bump is now at the stage where I definitely look pregnant and I've been having a lot of fun pulling out the maternity clothes and buying a couple of new key pieces.

I'm not rich, so I've chosen not to spend too much on specific maternity wear but rather to buy a couple of additional items that will let me wear the clothes I already have throughout the pregnancy – well, as much as possible. :)

Here are my top 5 tips for maternity styling!

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1. Invest in Key Pieces only

I’m in the UK now and it’s almost winter here and that means it’s COLD.  I’ve bought a couple of pairs of different coloured leggings and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.  My thinking is this – I have so much knitwear that will stretch over my bump for months to come without pulling them out of shape but underneath I still want to be comfortable and not be hitching up my pants all day!  Personally, I prefer ‘over the bump’ leggings and jeans that hug your bump as you grow and are less likely to roll down and be uncomfortable.  Last pregnancy, I lived in leggings and they can be easily dressed up and down for casual, work or a night out so you’ll really get your money’s worth.

2. Use Belts to dress your bump

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As the weeks go on, your belts will be less and less likely to fit around your waist but you don’t have to put them all away.  I use mine over the top of my bump instead and find that elasticated belts work best for this as they’re much more comfortable.  They really pull together an outfit and accentuate your shape beautifully.

3. Get measured!

I’d recommend getting your bra size measured professionally at least once throughout your pregnancy.  As time goes on, your current bras will become too tight and aside from the obvious discomfort to you, they won’t look good under your clothes.  As your chest starts to get bigger, get measured and think about switching to an under-wire bra. There are so many options available now that will fit you perfectly and give you the support you want.

4. Buy Now, Wear Later

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Last pregnancy, I picked up quite a few nursing singlet vests and tops.  They were great for wearing on their own, layering in cooler weather and they were shaped to grow with me as my bump got bigger.  The best thing is, they were not wasted after the birth as they had nursing panels in the front so I could continue wearing them throughout the whole time I breastfed.  I picked up most of mine from Boob Design – they’re a little more expensive that other brands but the quality is awesome and they still look good as new for this second pregnancy.

5. Tap into your friends’ wardrobes or buy second hand

Chances are, you have a friend or two who already has kids and they probably have some lovely maternity clothes gathering dust in their wardrobe so if they’re happy to give, sell or loan you those definitely take them up on it!  I also checked out eBay and picked up some bargains.  Maternity wear is really only worn for a few months and generally in great condition so also think about selling your own afterwards to recoup some of that earlier investment – you’ll need those extra pennies for the new baby’s wardrobe, after all!

I hope this gives you a couple of ideas on how to dress for pregnancy and thank you so much to Kelsey for featuring this post!

Mim is a 30something mother and writes for  She lives between the UK and Australia with her husband and toddler is expecting her second baby in April 2015.  Check out her website for weekly pregnancy updates and parenting tips!

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Thanks so much to Mim for her great guest post this week! I hope my mothers and soon-to-be mother followers enjoy this post and check out her website for more parenting and maternity ideas!

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