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Taylor Swift Style Evolution

By 9:30 AM

I don't know if you've noticed (I don't really know how you couldn't?!) lately, but Taylor Swift has kind of exploded this year with her newest music and more importantly, fabulous fashion looks. If you ask me, she's become a complete fashion icon this year.

However, it wasn't always like this. Once upon a time, little country crooner Taylor was pretty different from how she is now. Let's take a look back at some of her fashion choices from 2002 and see how far she's come!

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This was around the time Taylor was first breaking out into the music world with her country music (and her ... fab preteen styling choices). Crazy curls, low rise light wash jeans and sheer tops. Cuuute.


Her style started to evolve a little more, but she tried to look a little too adult for my taste in some looks. This was when she started with her trademark Taylor look, as far as her hair and makeup goes.


By this time, everyone knew who Taylor was and EVERYONE (myself included) wanted to know how she got those gorgeous curls perfected. And that icy blue eye makeup ... #NeverForget


This was when I first started appreciating Taylor's style - not as much as I do now, but she was at least doing somewhat better with her outfit choices by this time. Her red carpet looks got a little more sophisticated without being over the top and her street style was pretty cute, too.


Taylor seemed to really love these Tina Turner flapper-esque dresses back in the day. She also amped up her red carpet dresses more. I think this dress was a little much for her, but I do still love it in general.


This is when Taylor started with what would become her trademark look - red lips and classic pieces. She became the queen of high waisted shorts, boat necked shirts and red lipstick. 


Taylor was still rocking the bright short dresses even just a couple years ago, but she worked them much better than she did in the past several years IMO. I also love how her street style evolved this year, with skinny jeans, flats and button ups. 


Now, I think it's safe to say that Taylor's style is more fabulous than ever. I honestly can't think of one look she's rocked this year that I didn't love. I love how classic and well-fitted her clothes are. (And does anyone else get a Blair Waldorf vibe from the first look? Just saying!)

I think her style is superb, and I'd give anything to raid her closet! 

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  1. I think her look has really evolved and it's gotten really good since 2012.