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Updated Blogging Schedule - Please read!

By 5:23 PM

As my regular readers probably know, I uploaded a schedule for my blog awhile back. I used to post fairly randomly on this website and found that it wasn't working, so I created a weekly schedule that would help me be more organized and help my readers navigate my posts a little more, as well as having insight into what to expect from me every week.

I gave it some time and found that not only did I not like the rigidness of my schedule, but I also didn't love some of the themes for particular days. So, I've put together a new schedule that's a little more lax as far as themed posts go, and I've also incorporated some new ideas that I personally enjoy writing about more and think my readers will like as well. Some are the same as they were previously, however.

I just want to keep you guys updated because I think it's nice to have a schedule of what to expect from me, and it helps me stay organized with blogging!

---   ---   ---   ---


Mental Mondays - Same concept as before: these posts will be more lifestyle focused and I'll talk about stuff going on in the media, mental health issues, advice, etc.
Daily Inspiration - An inspiring quote, usually.


Tip Tuesdays - Again, same as before. It's self explanatory: These posts will consist of tips on a variety of subjects, whether it's beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc.


Beauty Wednesdays - These posts will be all about beauty. It could be a top 5 list, favorites, new products I've tested, reviews, etc.


Daily Inspiration - Your daily dose of inspiration, usually in quote form!


Fashion Fridays - These posts are all about fashion. The type varies, but they'll always be related to fashion directly.


Miscellaneous - Basically, just any types of posts that I want to post. It could be a beauty or fashion post, or maybe something more unexpected.

Daily Inspiration - Another dose of inspiration.

-----          ------------         ------

As you can see, I won't be posting Daily Inspiration every day of the week anymore. I like doing them and I think my readers enjoy them, but it's a little unnecessary to post them every day. I'll keep those to Monday, Thursday and Sunday. 

I'll be changing my categories on my blog as well!

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