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Christmas Tag

By 9:30 AM

I was recently tagged by Linda from Boston Beauty Buzz to do the Christmas Tag, which she came up with herself! Thanks for tagging me! 

I tag anyone reading this who wants to do it - it'll be a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit.

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1. What have you been buying from Starbucks this holiday season?

Well, friends, here's the thing - I never go to Starbucks. (gasp) I can't really remember the last time I went. So ...

2. What's your favorite winter candle scent?

I love anything that smells warm and inviting, like cinnamon or vanilla scents. I think those are the best during the holidays.

3. Giving or receiving? Why?

Everyone says they love giving, so I'm going to be weird and say I like receiving gifts. It's interesting to see what other people would choose for you.

4. Do you stay in your pajamas or dress up for Christmas?

I dress up, usually in a casually cute outfit.

5. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Christmas morning!

6. What are you doing for the holidays this year?

Spending time with family and friends.

7. Candy cane or gingerbread men?

Gingerbread men for sure! I do like candy canes, however.

8. What is at the top of your Christmas list this year?

Urban Decay's Naked II palette.

9. Do you still have Advent calendars?

No, nor have I ever.

10. What do you eat for Christmas dinner?

My family always does Christmas lunch, so dinner isn't a huge deal. Usually, leftovers from lunch!

11. Do you prefer a real or fake Christmas tree?

I think real trees are gorgeous and smell wonderful, but they're difficult to keep up with. Fake trees are much easier to handle and care for.

12. What's your favorite holiday nail polish?

Anything that's dark or sparkly!

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  1. love this tag! i would go for gingerbread too

    from helen at

  2. this tag is such a good idea! I love cinnamon and vanilla scents too, lovely!

    Tasha x