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My Top 5 Gift-Giving Tips (for anyone you care about!)

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With Christmas right around the corner, everyone is searching high and low for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Whether you're trying to figure out what to get your parents, siblings, friends or significant others, you probably want it to be perfect, right? Here's 5 of my top gift-giving tips for the holiday season!

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1. Take note of what their interests are.

One of the most important aspects of gift-giving is considering what the person's favorite things are. Maybe you've got a friend who loves books, a mom who loves anything that smells good, or a family member who's obsessed with music. Take a minute and write down a few of their favorite things - and if you don't know them, do a little investigating to find out! Be observant when you spend time with them. If you spend enough time with anyone, you'll learn at least 1 or 2 things that they love.

2. Think about where they're at in their life.

Do you have a friend who recently graduated college, or a family member who just had a baby? Get something that symbolizes that and give it to them. A book with advice for college graduates, an outfit for the baby, or anything like that would be a great option.

3. Ask yourself, what do they need?

Some people seem to have everything, which makes shopping for them 10x harder! Think about what they really need in their lives. Maybe you have a family member who works in an office and constantly complains about how she's always forgetting to take care of certain things - maybe a notebook or calendar would be a good option. It's practical and handy!

4. Make it personal.

Although it's a nice gesture to buy something for someone, creating something with your own hands is always a great idea because it's personal. It's a gift that can't be re-created, returned, or easily forgotten. Think outside of the box and make something for your loved one that comes from the heart.

5. Be genuine.

Most people can tell when you've gotten then a "filler" gift (a gift that has no real value or meaning, but was only bought because they had no other option). The best thing you can do when giving a gift is to make it a genuine offering to them. A gift should come from the heart, even if you don't know them as well as you'd like. It's safe to say that anyone will appreciate a gift that's genuine.

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