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Guest Post: The Rising Popularity of Christmas Jumpers/Sweaters

By 9:30 AM

The Christmas jumper: the most ridiculous, cringe-worthy piece of clothing that you are sure to wear this holiday season, but you'll love it nonetheless. Although people have been wearing these for a long time now, it seems to have become a must-have item in more recent years. 9 years ago I would never have imagined wearing one, never mind buying one! I don't know what caused this sudden rise to fame that the Christmas jumpers have enjoyed in the past few years, but it is now quite widespread. 

Don't get me wrong, some of them are quite nice and not as in-your-face as they could be. I opted for a more subtle approach to the Christmas season, and although it's obvious that it's for the winter months, it's not as obvious as the crazy coloured and in-your-face designs with cartoon reindeer and snowmen on the front pattern. Not to mention those with the slogans on, which tend to be either hilarious or made for shock value. 

It's not that I don't like these jumpers because I love them, but I'm jumper all-year-round kind of girl, so buying one that I can only wear from the end of November to the end of December is something which annoys me slightly. Mainly because I like to be able to wear things a lot of times and I can now foresee me wanting to wear this particular jumper in July, where I will receive many a confused look. 

But who knows, maybe in a few years I will have a very large collection of all types of these jumpers and wear a different one each day? This one purchase could be the start of something either terrible or wonderful. Only time will tell!

Hasta la fuego,

Lauren :) 

Lauren is the mind behind the lifestyle blog "All The Places You'll Go, All The Places You'll See". Often found flitting between her family in the UK and her love of travel in Europe. To find out more about her follow her on her blog, Facebook, twitter and instagram!

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