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Guest Post: What to Wear on Your Awkward Tinder Date

By 9:30 AM

CONGRATS! You’re going on a Tinder date!

Somehow you swiped right enough and harassed enough men to snag a date with someone from the most terrifying app of all time!... But now what?! Of course, everyone is worrying that they’ll impress their man on the self-inflicted blind-date. BUT, you want to make sure you’re catering your style to the type of man you’re going to go out with. So below, I’ve mentioned the top 4 types of men that one should encounter on Tinder and a few outfit suggestions to help swoon them. Happy Tindering!

Note: Whatever you do, make sure you don’t go out and buy a brand new outfit for a Tinder date. Either borrow something from a friend, or raid your closet entirely. There’s a high likelihood this date will fail (trust me… I’ve had a few Tinder-date horror stories and had to burn the new outfit afterwards because it caused PTSD).


Mr. Average Joe:

Who: This guys probably has a dog in his picture, and has a name like “Matt,” “John,” “Chris,” or “Ryan.” For a first date, he suggested going bowling, to a friend’s house party, or for a hike.

You swiped right because: He looks pretty normal, and something in his bio made you giggle. This could be date-material right here!

What to Wear: For a first date with Mr. Average Joe, don’t try too hard! Kick on that pair of jeans that makes your ass look phenomenal, some boots or heels, and casual top that hugs you in all the right ways. Maybe throw on some hoop earrings and a leather jacket – but don’t go overboard!

Mr. My Mom and/or Baby Niece is in My Pictures:

Who: Okay… this is one of two scenarios. Either he’s looking for a wife, or he’s a total douche bag that knows he’ll gain sensitivity-points with these sentimental pictures. He probably invited you out for drinks, a work-related event, or a dinner date.

You swiped right because: He loves his mom and/or children, and he’s pretty cute! You like someone with a softer side, and are just praying to God that he’s not faking it to get in your pants (note: this is a high possibility).

What to Wear: This is where you can whip out something more dressy-casual. Maybe save your LBD for date #2, but you can rock your skirt and blouse! You’re allowed to be a little flirty here! But make sure you’re going for that “classy” look. After all, if it’s possible he’s a mama’s boy, he’ll be looking for someone his mother will approve of.


Mr. Gym Selfie:

Who: Y’all know the type… His main picture clearly showcases his muscles, and he’s probably purely looking for a hookup. He never asked you on a real date…  He texted you at 1:14am asking “where are you,” and then followed up with an invitation to meet him out.

You swiped right because: Either you’re on the rebound and need a hookup that’s hotter than your ex, or you literally don’t give a shit and are up for a good “Tinder” hookup story.

What to Wear: Whatever you’re already wearing, considering he’ll probably text you with little notice to get ready. But if you have some time, throw on that crop top and show off your body a little. After all, he’s probably shallow and wants to see what he’s working with. Or just go naked. (Just kidding… Here are some real suggestions):

Mr. My-Face-Isn’t-Even-In-My-Pictures:

Who: You literally have no idea. For a first date, he suggested meeting at his house or maybe a dark alleyway.

You swiped right because: Either you’re suicidal, or you wanted a good laugh.

What to Wear: Probably a body bag or casket just to expedite the process after being murdered.

----    ----    ----

Thanks so much to my fantastic guest blogger this week! Be sure to check out her blog "Read My Rebounds" and follow her on Twitter for more hilarious stuff!

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  1. This was a really interesting post and it made me laugh even though I don't know what tinder is lol

  2. Love this oh my god!!! Usually though I'm more worried about what will happen if I like the guy than what I wear ;)


  3. Hey girl, I just wanted to let you know that I featured this post in my weekly link round-up!