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How to Prevent Dry Hair in the Winter

By 9:30 AM

When colder weather comes around, our hair becomes even more susceptible to getting dried out by harsh, cold air. Taking care of your hair is something that's not always easy to remember, so it's especially important to care for it when it's more vulnerable. Here are my top tips for preventing hair dryness in winter!

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1. Don't overwash hair.

The less you shampoo you hair, the more natural oils & moisture you'll retain in your locks. I know it makes your hair feel oily; however, that's where dry shampoo comes into play! Try shampooing your hair once every two days and use dry shampoo in between washes (but don't overdo it, or you'll risk product buildup). This will keep your hair from getting dried out from overwashing.

2. Go easy on the heat styling tools.

Using an excessive amount of heat styling tools on your hair will only suck the moisture out of it and cause serious breakage if you overdo it. On days where you're not concerned about whether your hair is perfect or not, let your hair air dry and skip the straightener or curler. Also, when you do use a heat styling tool, don't forget the heat styling spray to protect your hair!

3. Do conditioning treatments.

Doing some sort of conditioning treatment at least once every week or two weeks is a great tip for keeping hair from getting dried out from harsh weather conditions. Purchasing one is a great option; however, you can easily make your own at home! 

4. Rinse hair in cold water.

When you wash your hair during the week, it's important to keep in mind the temperature of the water you're washing and rinsing your hair in. Water that's too hot will strip the moisture right out of your hair, so keep it lukewarm when washing. Blast your hair with cold water while washing out your conditioner to give it extra shine and moisture!

5. Be careful with snagging on clothes and hair ties.

I know I'm definitely guilty of being a little careless with my hair sometimes, especially in the winter. One of the things that happens to me a lot is letting my hair get caught up and tangled when I'm putting on my coat and scarves to go out. It always makes my hair frizzy and static-y, which is never cute. When you're putting on your coat or scarf, pull your hair out of your face and gently let it down after putting on the scarf. It'll keep your hair from getting caught or tangled. Treating your hair nicely is the best thing you can do to keep it shiny and manageable!

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