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Last-Minute Gift Ideas

By 9:30 AM

If you're anything like me, you live for last-minute gifts because for some reason you never think about it until the couple of days prior to Christmas. Although I can't possibly cover everyone on your list, I can give you guys a few of my personal last-minute gift ideas for a few special people on your list!

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For your mom

What your mom likes personally is something I could never guess, but there are a few things that practically every mom will love to receive!

  • Gift card for mani/pedi/massage
  • Kitchen gadgets (maybe a new crock pot, a couple of wine glasses, etc.)
  • A pampering kit with bubble bath, loofah, nail polish, candles, and a face mask

For your dad

It can be pretty difficult to choose gifts for dads. When it comes to last minute gift ideas for them, think useful or interesting!

  • Portable tool kit
  • Coffee/coffee mugs
  • Tin of cookies (baked or store bought, whichever you prefer!)

For your girl friends

Most girls think that their girl friends will all want super-feminine things, but not everybody has girly friends. Here's a couple non-traditional ideas (with some that are a little more traditional for girls).

  • Gift card for iTunes or favorite store
  • Candy jar with favorite candies
  • Girly kit - miniature bubble baths, perfume, face mask, candle, etc.

For your boyfriend

When it comes to shopping for your boyfriend, you might want to be a little more specific and personal with his gift. However, since it's last minute, you don't exactly have time to slave over handmade gifts. Here's some simple but thoughtful ideas for him.

  • Cool flask (with something on it that reminds you of him)
  • Headphones/iTunes gift card
  • Framed photos of the two of you

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I hope some of these gave you some ideas for your last minute gifts! Good luck, and happy holidays!

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