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What It Means to Love Your Imperfections

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When you read posts about self love, caring for yourself and self-confidence, something that everyone says is that in order to love yourself, you have to love your imperfections.

I've heard it countless times and to be honest, I've never really loved that piece of advice. I mean, loving yourself doesn't mean you have to love every little thing about yourself, right?

I've been thinking about it lately and while a small part of me still believes that it's totally okay to dislike some aspects of yourself (whether it's physical or not), I do believe that loving your imperfections plays a huge factor in loving yourself.

Lately, I've had plenty of reasons to dislike certain things about myself. I've put on some weight, my skin has been horribly broken out - not to mention several other things I could complain about. 

---   ---   ---

The other day, I was putting on makeup and as I'm sure many of my fellow makeup-lovers understand, putting on makeup when your skin is broken out sucks the fun out of it. It becomes less of an enjoyable activity and more of a chore - a burden. It becomes a long activity of applying foundation, concealer, reapplying concealer, powdering, and possibly even more concealer on top of that. And it usually results in major cake-face, which is never cute.

I was desperately trying to cover every little unsightly spot and scar on my face, and at the end of my makeup routine I discovered that after all my hard work, I still had spots showing. And you know what? I didn't do anything about it.

I took a minute and looked at myself in the mirror. This image of perfection that I was trying to create was just unrealistic, not to mention incredibly tiresome and taxing. It was impossible for me to look as perfect as I wanted. And it was then that I realized, it's okay to let some imperfections show. 

---   ---   ---

The thing is, no one can relate to someone who is perfect in every way. Those girls with seemingly perfect skin, perfectly coiffed hair and put-together outfits? I can't relate. Odds are, you can't either. I'm not perfect, and I'm learning to be okay with that. 

You know what's funny? After slaving over making my face look as perfect as I could, I looked in the mirror and even with a few spots still showing, I felt beautiful. I recognized that regardless of whether I have a few pimples showing (gasp!), I am still perfectly imperfect.

I know this isn't exactly a life-changing idea, but in that moment for me, I felt a little different than I was the day before. I hope that whoever is reading this and struggles with insecurities knows that they're beautiful, not in spite of, but BECAUSE of their imperfections. Because we're both imperfect, we have a bond. And that kind of bond isn't something you experience every day.

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