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3 outdated ideas that need to be forgotten

By 9:30 AM

For today's lifestyle post, I wanted to delve into a deeper subject than I normally do. I don't want to post anything that's terribly controversial, but I do want to open up some room for discussion and education on topics such as these. 

These issues are a few that are important to me, and I want to share some of my personal ideals on these situations.

Today, I'm going to tackle 3 outdated societal ideas that need to be forgotten and more importantly - taught to those who may not understand how pertinent they are.

---   ---   ---

1. That women can't do things that men do.

Obviously society has progressed tremendously in the past several decades, but there's still a lot of underlying ideas that we don't even realize we have because we've been conditioned to think this way by our ancestors.

A lot more people in the U.S. are more forward-thinking than they used to be, but so many women experience gender inequalities all the time. 

There are small instances, such as women not being asked to do any hard labor because it's still expected that men should do it. And there are big instances, like women being judged for wanting big jobs in the fields of science and health. 

I realize that most people can agree with this, but in order to fully grasp the concept it's crucial that we actually analyze everything we do and think. I know that sounds a little overwhelming, but once you start changing your perspective on things, it makes it a lot easier to understand. 

2. But also, that men can't do things women do.

There is a major problem I have with this idea in particular. Everywhere you go, you see women standing up for their rights, saying that they can do anything men do.

However, some of these women are the same women who say that it's "gross" and "unnatural" when men want to do seemingly feminine things, like wearing makeup or feminine clothing. 

I think it's great that women want to stand up for their rights, but in order to involve men in this forward-thinking change, we HAVE to become more aware of their rights as well. This would make a tremendous change in the world among men and women alike, and it would allow us all to feel comfortable expressing ourselves in the world however we feel.

3. That feminism is only for women.

As I mentioned previously, if we want to see any major change we have to make it known that feminism is not just about women.

I understand why men are apprehensive to hold the title of "feminist," because the word itself is feminine and in our society, men who have feminine attributes are typically looked down upon.

Obviously, it's more complicated than this, but I think just being aware of this and spreading the idea is enough to get us started on the right path.

I see way too many ignorant opinions of feminism in the media by men and women alike, and while it's not necessarily their fault that they've been conditioned to think this way (after all, most of these ideas are taught by family members at a young age - that men should be masculine and women should be feminine), it's crucial that we try to educate rather than berate. 

---   ---   ---

I could go on for days about these subjects, but for the sake of time and excessive amounts of controversy I'm going to leave it there. What do you think about these ideas? Do you agree that they're outdated? Let me know, and also let me know if you enjoy discussing topics like this on my blog.

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  1. I totally agree with what you have to say! Some people find that feminism is just for women (and it doesn't help that the loud outspoken feminists tend to agree with that!) and they don't see the benefits for the whole of society. Maybe in a few more years people will be able ti udnerstand completely!