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What Your Shoes Say About You

By 9:00 AM

When it comes to shoes, I know few women who don't love them. Heels, flats, sneakers (oh my!) .... there's a ton of options girls have when it comes to shoes. But did you ever realize that the shoes a girl wears says a lot about her personality?

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A girl wearing stilettos is a girl to be feared. Rub her the wrong way and she'll probably claw your eyes out. The stiletto-stomper also probably enjoys martinis and getting into drunken fights with other girls at the bar.


Pumps mean that this girl knows what she wants and isn't afraid to show off her feminine side to get it. She lives for suits, bluetooth phone conversations, and she probably enjoys pilates. She doesn't want you to know it, but she slept her way to the top at the office. (Shh.) 


This girl loves dresses, cats, and despises boys who are mean. She's obsessed with the royal family and has a very strong opinion on the friendship of Taylor Swift & Lorde. 


This girl still shops at Hot Topic but doesn't want anyone to know it. She considers herself "one of the guys" and doesn't understand the point of skirts or dresses. Do her shoes look dirty? She probably threw them in the dirt as soon as she bought them for that "worn in" look. 


"When I wear heels I look like a baby deer taking its first steps, but I still want you to think that I'm tall and powerful so that's why I'm wearing wedges. But you'll never know it." Oh, honey. We all know it.

Thigh-high boots

Find a girl in thigh high boots and you know there's only one thing on her mind .... 

Puppies, of course!

Kitten Heels

This girl is your grandmother. Be nice to her.

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  1. I'm a flat shoe kind of girl, mostly because of my job :) but yes I love cats! hahah x

  2. Hahaha I love this! I am definitely a flat shoes girl, and I love cats!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Hmm, I actually own every single one of these and swap them up all the time.

    Great post idea, so unique!!

    Linda - Boston Beauty Buzz