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Blogger Interview - The Love Cats Inc.

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Helen - source
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I recently got in touch with Helen from The Love Cats Inc. (check out her blog if you haven't already!) and was able to ask her a few questions regarding blogging. 

I wanted to talk to someone who's a little more experienced as a blogger because the vast majority of my readers are fellow bloggers, and I know that advice is always useful. I also love getting to know people, so what better chance? Here's what she had to say. Enjoy!

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1. What made you want to get into blogging in the first place?

I originally set it up alongside my magazine journalism degree and because I liked waffling on about fashion, but then realised (after not wanting to do journalism anymore) that it was going to be much more to me than just a thing I did occasionally. So, I took it seriously and I've been doing it for almost three years now!

2. What was your biggest hurdle when you first started?

Realising what actually drives traffic to your site. When people followed me at first I was like 'that's so creepy, why are people following me?' before realising it was actually a good thing!

3. Do you think that people using Instagram and other social mediums to gain popularity will overshadow actual bloggers? (Some think it might be harmful to bloggers, because they think people will stop reading blogs and just look at photos/videos)

It's just a different form of media and they all have their own unique qualities, so I don't think any is harmful to bloggers. There's a big difference between taking a good Instagram picture and actually writing a consistent blog, but having a bit of an online following can't be a bad thing if you're wanting to include one of the others in your repertoire.

4. How do you feel about competition among bloggers? 

There's always going to be competition, no matter what field you're in, it's always going to happen. I personally don't get involved in it, as a blog doesn't have an end goal, so being in competition is pointless as you're never going to get to no.1 because there is no no.1, if that makes sense. I think a lot need to focus on their own content and develop themselves as bloggers, instead of bitching and being involved in what everyone else is doing.

5. Do you have hopes to only do blogging in the future, or do you prefer doing work outside of blogging?

I blog part time at the moment, as I do a PR job two days a week. But, I've just taken on a full time PR job starting mid-February so that's definitely a career move to me. I adore blogging, but it started as a hobby, became a bit of a job and it'll probably end as a hobby. I do intend to keep it as long as possible, as I do enjoy it, but PR/marketing/writing is my actual career and one that'll pay the bills in future!

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Thanks so much to Helen for being willing to answer a few questions!

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