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Tag: 10 Fashion Confessions

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As I'm sitting in my apartment wearing sweats and an old t-shirt, I started thinking about some of the terrible fashion-related things I do that are kind of embarrassing.

So, why not share them? Right?

I don't know if this is a thing that people have already done, but I decided to turn this into a little tag post. If I've tagged you, go ahead and share with me what your 10 fashion sins are. 

If you're reading this and just want to join in, please feel free to do the tag and tweet it to me so we can talk about the awful things we do.

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I know we're all guilty of fashion sins. There are some things that most girls do that we would be embarrassed to share with the rest of the world. Here's some of mine - what are yours?

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1. I go way too long without washing jeans and bras.

- Let's be real - we all do this. If you wash your jeans and bras regularly, we can't be friends.

2. When I'm in a hurry (and it's cold outside), sometimes I keep on the same gross t-shirt I slept in and just put my pea coat and a scarf on over it.

- I just might be the only gross person doing this, but hey - it totally works. Anything that gives off the impression of caring more than you actually do? I'm down.

3. I'll bum around the house in the same clothes for an embarrassingly long time before I decide to wash them or change into clean clothes.

- Come ON, who really changes their pajamas out every day? Oh, everyone? Whoops.

4. I re-wear socks. And I also often wear them mismatched.

- I wear them mismatched purely out of laziness. Who has time to match all their socks when they do laundry? And also, yes - I'll wear a pair twice before throwing them in the wash. It's not my fault my feet aren't gross!

5. I'm guilty of wearing multiple shades of black in my ensembles.

- One of the biggest pains of wearing an all-black ensemble (which I often do) is that it's terribly hard to find blacks that actually match. Does that stop me? Nope.

6. I mix gold and silver jewelry all the time.

- I think this is one of those things that most can excuse, but I know a ton of girls who are super picky about wearing all gold or all silver jewelry. I just don't care that much, really. I'll wear gold earrings with a silver necklace and not think twice about it.

7. If I'm not busy, I'll spend days in my pajamas. 

- I don't understand people who get dressed every day even when they're going to be staying in. If I don't have plans to go anywhere, I'm NOT getting dressed.

8. Throwing clothes in the wash that really should be hand-washed.

- I try to put as many of my clothes in the wash as possible. If I have to hand wash it, it just might not get washed. At least for a really, really long time.

9. I also don't sort clothes by lights and darks.

- This is a habit I took on in college and still fully live by it. There's really no need to separate them - throw them all together, put it on the delicates/cold wash cycle, and you're good to go. 

10. I'll wear the same exact outfit two days in a row.

- Hey, if I'm not going to be seeing the same people on those days, why waste my time putting together a totally new outfit? Judge me.

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There you have it! I'm tagging:

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