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The Trouble With Guilty Feelings

By 9:30 AM

I didn't necessarily plan this post, but I had an idea and some thoughts running through my head and decided to write it out. 

Let me start by saying this - I am a chronically guilty person.

I don't mean that I often do things that I have to feel guilty for. 

What I mean is that I have unhealthy tendencies to feel guilty about every little thing I do, say, or even (mostly, in fact) feel.

I often feel guilty for accepting things I feel I don't deserve. I feel guilty for the way I feel about certain things and situations. I also often feel guilty about how I treat others, that for some reason I don't treat anyone as well as I should.

- - - - -

If you've never been like this, you probably think I sound like a crazy person. However, I know I can't be the only one.

Anyway, one of the main issues here has nothing to do with how you treat people or how you react to certain situations. The worst thing is feeling guilty for how you feel.

Even if someone makes me feel like complete crap about myself for no truly good reason, I'll feel guilty because I must have done something to bring that on. (These scenarios go on and on.)

The thing is, you should NEVER apologize for how you feel. 

Even if later on you think you may have been overreacting, don't feel guilty about expressing how you feel in any situation. You felt that way for a reason, be it a minor or major reason.

Your feelings are real, genuine, and no one can prove your feelings "wrong." Anyone can tell you that you were wrong for behaving a certain way, but NO ONE has the right to say, "Hey, you have no right to feel that way!"

That includes you, too.

Don't make yourself feel like the bad guy if you're expressing your feelings. Hell, even if you're just FEELING your feelings without expressing them - don't feel guilty. Allow yourself to feel whatever you need, and then let it pass.

I wanted to focus on this today because A) I've been dealing with especially guilt-ridden emotions lately, and B) I figured it might be useful to at least one person reading it.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to comment if you've ever felt this way!

- K

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