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Work to Play: Fashion

By 8:30 AM

If you read my post on Wednesday, then you already know what this post is all about! (If not, check it out here!)

Basically, I'm doing a two-part topic in which I'm telling you guys what I do to transition from work to night, appearance-wise. My first post was all about what I do to amp up my makeup when I'm headed out with friends after work, and in this post, I'll be sharing what I do to update my outfit! 

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Unless you like keeping random articles of clothing in your car at all times, you really only have the option to plan ahead when it comes to your outfit. If you end up making plans at the last minute at the end of your day, you likely will just have to stick with wearing your work outfit.

There are two major aspects of my outfit that I like to switch up before heading out for the night after work: my shoes and top. 

My work allows me to be flexible and pretty casual with my work attire, so it's a little easier for me to transition. So I can't really speak for what works for everyone, because your work outfit could be totally appropriate for going out in, or it could be a stiff suit. This is just what I do, personally!

Basically, I make a point to wear whatever pants I want to wear out, to work. I'll usually throw on a tank top and a cardigan, and pair it with some flats or other simple, comfy shoes.

I'll bring a cool jacket or blazer and a cuter pair of shoes with me in the car, then switch into them in my car before heading out! 

Old Navy boots
Old Navy blazer; Hot Topic necklace


If you have a basic blazer, cardigan or pair of shoes that you only wear when going out, I'd totally leave them in my car if I were you so that transitioning from work to nighttime looks isn't difficult. I think this idea would be the best if you go out a lot and don't tend to make set plans days in advance.

I also like to bring a few pieces of jewelry in my bag to throw on - a long necklace, maybe a different pair of earrings, etc.

If anything, just rely on a pair of shoes to switch up your look. You'd be amazed at what a pair of heels can do to a seemingly boring outfit!

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