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10 Things Tag

By 6:48 PM

I was recently tagged by my good blogging buddy Isaya to do this 10 things tag, where you list 10 things you love and 10 things you hate (or strongly dislike). Thanks for the tag, and let's get into it! Btw, I'm gonna start with the dislikes so we can end this post on a positive note. :)

10 things I dislike

1. Popping gum.

When I hear someone popping their gum, it drives me absolutely insane. It's so bad, I'm actually a little concerned about how much it bothers me.

2. Getting cut off in traffic

3. When your polish chips right after painting your nails

4. When your bangs don't cooperate

5. Procrastination

I do it all the time, and it sucks. Why, me?

6. When there's no wifi

7. When people interrupt you

8. People who can't make a joke without being a jerk

If you can't be funny without being an asshole, you're not funny.

9. People who aren't willing to change their minds

10. Being hangry

It's very real.

10 things I love

1. Fall

I feel like everyone says it, but I truly come alive in fall. Watch out, world.

2. Animals

3. Makeup


4. Tori Kelly

I was listening to hear while making this list, so naturally she's included.

5. The smell of honeysuckle

Aka the best smell in the world.

6. When you get a great parking spot

7. Words

Quotes, writing, reading .... words are powerful.

8. Photography

9. Being with my friends

10. Being by myself


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  1. haha oh God! I was reading this and thinking holy ish I do that and that and that too! I pop gum and interrupt people a lot, it's not that I'm rude I just sometimes get too excited sometimes to say something and just go for it... if I wait I'll forget haha

    It was fun reading this. xx

    1. Haha well as long as you never did it around me, we're good! :D I'm glad you enjoyed!